Tuesday, July 27, 2010

six feet under family truckster

hearses. not sure if you know this but i am huge on hearses. i wanted it to be my first car but when my parents obviously said "HELL NO", i decided i'll wait a few years...but i will still get one in the future.

and now, starting with the horse drawn hearse from 1906. check out that woodwork.

next, on to the first auto-hearse. from 1916, here is one of the most beautiful cars i've ever seen.

this next beauty comes from 1927, notice the side door, which was an unusual characteristic for a hearse. this was a "side serving casket table", and the coffin would swivel through the side into the back. it actually didn't even have back doors. classy ain't she?
next, on to the town car hearse from 1933. this one's seriously gangster.
buick limousine hearse from 1937.
model A hearse. back with the wood carvings! so sick. from the year 1939 i bring you...
here's where it gets good! the custom 1941 gothic hearse. effff yeaaaaah! you'd rule the world with one of these babies.
the henny packard flower car. 1948. the flowers go on top, and the casket slides out the bottom from the back.
eureka-cadillac 3 way landeau hearse. god i love the 50's. 1954 specifically.
superior-cadillac royale coupe de fleur. this one's my second favorite...here come the fins... also note the fact that this isn't even black! if i saw this driving down the road the fact that there's probably a dead body in there wouldn't even cross my mind.
okay, HERE SHE COMES. my FAVORITE year for cars, 1959!! fins were a 50's thing, and 59 was like the "last hurrah" for fins, so they made them bigger, better, and wilder. then by the 60's they were out :( bummer. hurray for fins! this one's a superior cadillac crown-royale. AH

that's all folks. thanks for looking. hope you enjoyed my lesson on hearses. someday i will own one. besides the '59 royale, i'll also take a '63 cadillac hearse. if you're my friend you'll remember that i have a matchbox toy car that's a 63 displayed in my room. hahaha!


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